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At my community town hall meeting for 5th Ward in Evanston. This is a great time to ask questions and address concerns that you may have as an Evanston resident. I'm was born and raised in the 5th Ward of Evanston with over 20 years of community experience in the community. I want to represent the 5th Ward and this is an opportunity to share your thoughts with me. Friday, March 5, 2021 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM CST

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I’m a community leader and veteran, born and raised in the 5th Ward, who cares about keeping our community safe. My advocacy for the Fifth Ward started when I led monthly community ward meetings for over 10 years, hearing residents’ concerns and advocating for them as a liaison to City Council. I'm known as a responsive and reliable "go-to" presence, solving problems, raising awareness and providing direct assistance to residents in need for decades.

Carolyn Murray for the 5th Ward Alderman

Creating Unity Within The Community

I have lived in many parts of the world, but I always return to the Fifth Ward, because it is special. I believe that Evanston's Fifth Ward is our City's heart and soul.

I have watched Evanston’s government distance itself from its connection to the constituents it represents--especially citizens in the margins as they attempt to speak their truths to power. All of Evanston’s citizens deserve representation that is crystal clear and accountable, and I will be that representative.

The Evanston of my youth behaved more like a village and this is the Evanston I envision for the future.

Carolyn Murray for the 5th Ward Alderman

Endorsed by the Late Mayor Lorrianne Morton School Principal, Mentor, and Friend

Carolyn Murray for the 5th Ward Alderman

Advocating for Our Community with State Representative Robyn Gabel

Carolyn Murray for the 5th Ward Alderman

Meeting with President Obama at 2013 State of the Union

Carolyn Murray for the 5th Ward Alderman

Committed to Our Community with U.S. Representative Jan Schakowsky

Carolyn Murray for the 5th Ward Alderman

Meeting, Listening and Learning About the Needs of Our Community

Carolyn Murray for the 5th Ward Alderman

Most Successful Gun Buy Back Programs; an Annual Event for Safer Neighborhoods

In The Media

Carolyn Murray for the 5th Ward Alderman

Community Comes Together

Read the story of how community members supported me after a racist attack. Read more

Meeting with Michelle Obama

My activism around gun violence led to open communications with First Lady Michelle Obama, President Barack Obama and Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, who invited me as her guest to the 2013 State of the Union Address.

Carolyn Murray for the 5th Ward Alderman
Carolyn Murray for the 5th Ward Alderman

Amnesty Gun Buyback Event, Dec. 5, 2020

Carolyn Murray has first-hand experience of loss from gun violence. Murray lost a son, Justin to gun violence and has created a program in partnership with the city of Evanston.

Event Update

19 guns were collected on December 5th. Since the original gun buy back event in 2012, we have now removed almost 300 guns from Evanston homes and streets.

Carolyn Murray for the 5th Ward Alderman

Keeping The Community Safe

Platform Issues

As Alderman, I will continue to fight for:


I have been working for decades on addressing safety concerns. I’ve been leading the annual gun buyback since I began it in 2012, and so far we have collected almost 300 guns off Evanston streets. We should not average one homicide per year. I’ve worked with the past three police chiefs. I feel there should be accountability for officers who violate their oaths and fall short of our community standards.


Our businesses need the same level of support and resources that other citywide businesses receive. I will meet monthly with 5th Ward business owners, and advocate to obtain more federal and state assistance for businesses in our ward.


I see this as a multi-faceted issue. My priorities are to move away from commercial developments and focus on sustaining housing assistance for families who cannot afford rent, and the small landlord owners who struggle to help them. We need to look at the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and how this affects our neighborhood housing affordability.


5th Ward residents deserve every resource to make their quality of life equal to other Evanston residents. We experience higher rates of COVID, more parking violations, police complaints, less lead testing, and more traffic stops than residents in other wards. Black residency in Evanston is down 25% since 2000. If people can’t afford to live here, they will simply move away.


I was one of the original founders of the Evanston Youth Initiative in 2006, which led to jobs being created by forming a new City of Evanston Youth and Young Adult Department. I have worked with Kevin Brown on several community events and programs that have helped provide job opportunities for young adults in our community.


I believe we should work with the EPA to make sure the Church Street dump site is tested under federal guidelines on a regular basis so that our air quality is never compromised. I recommend a citywide lead test for homes built over 60 years ago, with possible funds to assist lower-income families who cannot afford to replace the homeowner pipes flowing to the main sewer lines.


My children and I were all bussed to schools outside of our own neighborhood. I support the building of a 5th Ward STEM school that prepares our kids for jobs in the emerging science and technology sectors. We should look to partner with NU and other major corporate resources on this.